Theme: Ramadan through the window of art

God’s banquet of Mercy and Abundance has once again spread wide for His guests. We are reminded at this banquet of His Power, Generosity and Mercy.

We invite you to celebrate this month with us through your artistic and literary expressions at our Art and Literature Exhibition, where we will present your submissions for the community to view.

Please submit your artworks (drawings, paintings, sculpture, hand-made items, etc.) and writing pieces that reflect the values of the month of Ramadan to the library no later than Saturday, July 13th.

Join us in highlighting the beauty of this month through your art.

Rules and guidelines:

–       All types of art works: painting, photography, sculpture, calligraphy,…are accepted.

–       All types of literature pieces: poems, prose, short story,…are accepted.

  • Literature pieces can be both in English and Farsi.

–       Submitted works MUST:

  • Be original and creative.
  • Be within reasonable size—at least 8.5×11 at most 11×17 inches. (Especially photography works).
  • Include a one paragraph description elaborating on the focus of their piece.

–       There is no limit to the number of pieces submitted by each person.

–       There is also no age limit.

Questions? E-mail us at: