IINY Cemetery

“To Allah we belong, and to him is our return”

Surah Al- Baqarah 2:156

IINY wishes to inform its members and visitors that it has recently purchased a section of the burial ground at the Washington Memorial Park Cemetery, located in Eastern Long Island. These graves are located within the Muslim section of the cemetery. We’d like to inform you that the graves are available to be purchased at reasonable prices.IINY Cemetery

In addition to the burial grounds, the Islamic Institute also offers its funeral and burial services to its members and the Muslim community as a whole. These services include all the paper works and logistical works involved with the burial process. Furthermore, we also provide the relevant Islamic services such as Namaz-e-meyet, and Majlis-e-khatm will be performed by the Imam of the mosque.

Why Plan Ahead

When a loved one dies, it is emotionally devastating. So making any rational decisions at that time is virtually impossible. That’s why it makes such good sense to plan ahead with Washington Memorial Park. By planning ahead:

  • You can take some comfort that all of the burial and memorial details are already taken care of
  • Your mind can be a little more at ease so you can focus on family and friends

  • You can save money by taking advantage of pre-planning pricing and flexible payment plans

The burial space available is limited; thus, it is highly encouraged that you contact as soon as possible.

Washington Memorial Park
855 Canal Road, Mt. Sinai, NY 11766

To obtain more information, please email us at info[at]iiny.org, or call us at the following numbers:

Office: (718) 651-5888

Cell: (718)974-4554

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