Interested community members and patrons are able to rent IINY’s premises for religious ceremonies and events. These occasions include but are not limited to: Aghd (Islamic Marriage), khatm (funeral ceremony), and commemorating religious events.
The areas that are available for rent are:
Prayer area (Shabestan): The prayer room has a maximum carrying capacity of 227 people. Equipped with speakers, a drop-down screen, and a projector, it is a great choice for holding religious or memorial events.
Auditorium: With a maximum carrying capacity of 324 people, the auditorium at IINY is ideal for all kinds of religious and cultural celebration, especially Islamic marriage ceremonies. The room is equipped with a stage, complete sound system, speakers, drop-down screen, and a projector.
Kitchen: The kitchen at IINY is equipped with a complete set of kitchen and cooking appliances, and has the serving capacity of up to 1000 people.
Gym: The gym, located on the second floor of the Institute, has a maximum carrying capacity of 190 people. It is equipped with a basketball court and volleyball net, which makes it an excellent space for sports events.
Lunch room: The lunchroom has a maximum carrying capacity of 192 people. It is equipped with sitting areas and is perfect for catering events.
Please note that in order to rent the premises, interested patrons will be asked to make a donation to IINY.
In order to rent any of the available spaces, you should contact the office at IINY and request a form. Once you have filled out the form, you will submit it to the board for their approval.