IINY Membership:

It has been a couple of years that IINY has started its membership program.  As a non-for-profit organization part of IINY’s operations and services depend on the membership fees and donations received from its dedicated members. Thus, we encourage all of our attendees to become official members of the center and support it with their generous donations.

Your membership fees provide IINY with a source of income which will be used towards planning and organizing activities for the community. These activities include religious and cultural services for Muslim communities in New York and the Tri-State area.

Membership Benefits:

-Official IINY members are eligible:

  • For nomination of IINY’s Board of Directors.
  • To vote during the Board’s elections.
  • Use IINY’s parking space while attending programs.

-Members automatically become part of the IINY e-mail list and member directory. They will receive periodic e-mails about upcoming events and programs.

-Members have the opportunity to advertise their businesses in IINY’s business directory.

-Members will receive free IINY Library membership cards for the duration of their membership.

Why Should you become a member

– IINY, as non-for-profit organization depends on your membership fee and donations to keep its doors open.

– Your membership fee provides IINY with a source of income to effectively plan and organize activities for the community.

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Conditions of Membership:

By signing above, the Applicant and all members of his/her family verify that they are participating Muslims who follow the Shia Ithna-Asheri School. The Applicant further affirms that they are of good moral character and will continue to be good moral character for the duration of their membership in IINY. The Applicant further affirms to abide by the rules and conditions of membership, as outlined in the By-Laws of IINY, as well as any further reasonable requirements of membership that may be required by the IINY Board of Directors. Any disagreements by and between members or between members and the Board of IINY shall be resolved internally with reference to the IINY By-Laws and through the guidance  of Islamic Sharia, as interpreted by IINY religious scholars. The Applicant specifically waives his/her right to litigate in civil court any disagreement with IINY internal procedures or IINY’s interpretation of Islamic Sharia.

Please mail your membership fee ($250 for Family and $150 for individual) to:

Islamic Institute of New York

55-11 Queens Blvd

Woodside, NY 11377